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Quotations About Christians

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Christians talk as though goodness was their idea but good behavior doesn't have any religious origin. Our prisons are filled with the devout.
Andy Rooney
Sincerely, Andy Rooney

...for Christians typical dating can often be a swerver - an approach to relationships that wants to go in a different direction than the one God has for us.
Joshua Harris
I Kissed Dating Goodbye: A New Attitude Toward Relationships and Romance

You were bought with a price; do not become slaves of human masters.
Bible: New Testament, 1 Corinthians 7:23

If a man cannot be a Christian in the place he is, he cannot be a Christian anywhere.
Henry Ward Beecher

It's not that the Christian faith has been tried and found difficult, but rather it's been found difficult and left untried.
Gilbert Keith Chesterton

God never built a Christian strong enough to carry today's duties and tomorrow's anxieties piled on the top of them.
Theodore L. Cuyler

The Gods have proclaimed Christ to have been most pious, but the Christians are a confused and vicious sect.

Christ manifests his divine leadership in your sincere followership. Christ's followers become true leaders because Christ is the model of true leadership.
Israelmore Ayivor

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