The Next Star Trek Movie Could Be R Rated Thanks To Quentin Tarantino

The Star Trek franchise has been overshadowed by Star Wars recently, but Paramount Pictures is determined to make the franchise a hit. The next film could take a very different direction with Quentin Tarantino involved in the project.

As confirmed by a report from Deadline, Quentin Tarantino pitched an idea to Paramount Pictures and producer J.J.

Abrams for a new story in the Star Trek series. Tarantino met with many people earlier this week so that they can make his film a reality.

The biggest requirement is that Mr Tarantino demanded to Abrams and Paramount Pictures that the film is rated R. The two parties actually agreed on this despite there never being an R rated Star Trek movie in history.

That being said, R rated films have managed to make a lot of money recently.

Deadpool and Logan from 20th Century Fox proved to be very profitable. Not to mention Tarantino himself has directed R rated movies his entire life and his films have mostly been huge hits.

Tarantino is still hoping to be the director since he's a huge Star Trek fan himself. If he's selected, he will overtake Justin Lin who directed 2016's Star Trek Beyond.

Abrams is probably unable to direct another Star Trek film anytime soon as Disney has locked him to helm Star Wars: Episode IX.

He can still be a producer, but Tarantino sounds like the man that is going to do the most work.

It will be interesting to see if this iteration gets made. I have never seen an R rated Star Trek film or TV show before. Knowing Tarantino, it should be violent but entertaining at the same time.

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