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Dragon Ball Super Episode 116 Review/Recap: Ultra Instinct Goku vs. Kefla

Dragon Ball Super episode 116 features another fight between Goku and Kefla. This time though, Goku has reached the Ultra Instinct form again. It looks like Kefla might not be able to handle Goku anymore in his new god-like form.

Before I start this week's review, I just want to say my heart goes out to the Japanese voice actress for Bulma named Hiromi Tsuru. She sadly died earlier this week from a medical condition called aortic dissection. Tsuru gave life to the Bulma character so it's sad to hear she's gone now.

Anyway, this week's episode of Dragon Ball Super starts off with Goku showing off his new Ultra Instinct form. It's interesting to note that Whis says Kefla's power matches that of Goku which is why he turned into the new form. If this is true, Kefla, Goku and Jiren are the strongest people in the Tournament of Power.

It sounds like Goku can only channel Ultra Instinct when he is pushed to his absolute limit. Kefla is just as powerful as he is, although Goku looks like he will be stronger. The first part of this episode is surprisingly non eventful. The two fighters just pretty much power up while breaking a portion of the ring.